My first research paper

After a lot of work, it finally got published!

My first research paper 'Quantifying technological change as a combinatorial process', is now available in the November issue of Technological Forecasting and Social Change.

Why does that matter? Well, a couple of things first..

What is the paper about?

This paper basically studies ways of looking at research papers as data(meta, I know!). By taking words mentioned in the paper, its authors, the location where it was written, and more metadata, we can build a network of research on a particular topic.

Here is a rough example on how we build a matrix of similarity between years: we look at the research terms used in each year, and we see if they have also been used in years after. If they have, then those years must be similar.

Now that you have the gist of it, what we actually do is that we look at the evolution of combination of terms ("corn" + "hydrolysis" for example) throughout the years. By analyzing this evolution, we can deduce where research is going - and probably predict it too!


That's where the name of the paper comes from, we are basically studying how technology (and its study) changes over the years by looking at how papers of different years use different combinations of technical terms.

Who wrote the paper?

This paper was a collaboration between my thesis supervisor Pedro Parraguez, Stanko Škec and Anja Maier.

Oh, and me :)

All from the Management Department of the Technical University of Denmark.

Where can I find it?

You can find it on Elsevier.

Why isn't it open access?

Long story short, it was out of my control. I was only a collaborator in this research. I am a supporter of open source and open access and will to continue to support it to the best of my abilities.

wink 😉

You can find out more about this topic by diving deeper into my thesis.

November 28, 2019
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