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I love helping people solve challenging problems.

Data Science and software

I have contributed to popular open source projects such as JupyterLab and PaperMill. I often blog about it too. I have developped projects in datascience for the European Union that resulted in a published paper.

Learn More Services:

  • Data mining and processing
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization and dashboard building
  • Machine Learning (scikit and TF 2.0)
  • Big data mining
  • Web scrapping

Business and strategy consulting

I created a crowdsourced deliveries startup, I helped create products for startups in the Boston MA area while working for Bliss Applications, and worked for 1.5 years for the Vice President of Strategy at Jabra.

Learn More Services:

  • Business plan development
  • Minimum viable product definition
  • Strategic roadmap for the company and product
  • Pitch deck development
  • Market research and analysis

Product development and technology

I have developped a wide range of touchable prototypes for apps and web interfaces while at Bliss Applications and at my own startup. I have worked as a product manager at Jabra of one of the best selling hardware products the company produces.

Learn More Services:

  • Wireframming and prototyping of mobile and web interfaces
  • Technology stack consulting
  • Product development plan
  • Robotic automation