Data Science and Machine Learning

I have contributed to popular open source projects such as JupyterLab and PaperMill. I often blog about it too. I have developed projects in data and network science for the European Union that resulted in a published paper. At Jabra, I got to create a new AI based venture, focused on machine learning applied to audio. I'm proficient in Python, and the whole data science stack, as well as web development, and machine learning pipelines. A good portion of my (public) work can be browsed in GitHub.

Business and management consulting

I have worked in technology consulting for one of the Big Three - BCG. I steer critical projects through management ranks, and deliver strong value to clients. I always keep the C-level perspective in anything I do, and put clients first. My experience includes clients in spaces such as Consumer Electronics, Financial Institutions, Digital Marketing shops, among others. I have also created a crowd sourced deliveries startup, I helped create products for startups in the Boston MA area while working for Bliss Applications, and worked for 1.5 years for the Vice President of Strategy at Jabra.