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Conversas de café. Literally translated, means "coffee shop conversations".

An upcoming election, the weather next week, a corruption scandal, a new policy. Just some examples of Conversas de café.

As an expat living in Denmark for the past 7 years (without speaking the language), that's perhaps one of the things I miss most. Maybe it's because of where I'm from, but for me, water cooler conversations are Culture.

Learn the language, use Google Translate, read some expat focused website. No thanks. I want to read the same stuff people around me read. I want to understand what worries them, not other expats.

Enter NewsHavn.

Newshavn parses the RSS feeds of a couple of big Danish newspapers and uses Mistral 7B to translate them. The design is inspired by NPR. The code is all opensource.

For this one, I decided to use Go (again). I must say, Go is growing on me. Rust is fun and efficient, but I feel like Go strikes the right balance between strictness and flexibility. Another thing I love about Go is its concurrency model. Goroutines are just beautiful, and make me want to write more concurrent code. It feels like it's a no-bullshit language, and I'm a fan of no-bullshit.

February 26, 2024

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