A “non-nerd” introduction to podcasts

So you want to start listening to podcasts? Alright here are some tips to get you started. Let me start by saying..

Podcasts are a weird topic. Some people love them, some people hate them. From what I have noticed , younger audiences aren’t exactly “Podcast Lovers”. Most tech users prefer to watch a video our scroll a feed instead of hearing someone talk about a particular topic.

But Podcasts can be really interesting, particularly if you are into a very specific topic. There are general podcasts about things like “Tech”, “Politics”, “Comedy”, “Sports”, of course. But podcasts are interesting when they get really specific, and they do. Podcasts about “Stuff you should know”, “The finances of a startup”, “Makeup”, “Apple only podcasts”. Podcasts are fun when you get into a very specific topic and listen to enthusiasts (just like you )talk about it.

Podcasts are fun when you get into a very specific topic and listen to enthusiasts (just like you) talk about it.

And lastly, yeah, you can listen to them where ever an when ever. Driving, running, in the gym, biking, and working (please don’t.).

But in order to enjoy podcasts, you have to listen to them the right way. Here’s how:

1.Please don't use Apple’s stock Podcast app

Whenever I recommend an app to listen to podcasts I always recommend the same one: “Overcast.” Here is why:




So start by downloading it here. Time to add some podcasts.

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podcast image 2

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This podcast is hosted by Mashable’s tech team Christina Warren, Lance Ulanoff and Pete Pachal. They take a very good approach to the week’s top technology topics. I recommend this podcast to anyone that want to get a fast and clear tech digest of the week.

2.2.Too embarrassed to ask

Too embarrassed to ask is a podcast about technology in general that tries to interact with listeners as much as possible. Which is great to listen to replies to questions you could actually ask. Lauren Goode’s good mood and Kara Swisher’s cynicism match in a glorious and funny way.


Probably one of my favorite podcasts of all time. Jason Snell and Dan Moren invite two guests each week and talk about 4 technology topics in 30 minutes or less. A very interesting insight into the world of technology by two hosts that clearly know their way around the topic.

3. Top 3 non-tech podcasts I recommend.




3.1.On Being

Krista Tippett tries to answer the most asked questions of meaning by talking to the most interesting guests ever. From noble prize winners, physicists, and artists. Her interviewing skills never cease to amaze the hell out of me.

3.2.Planet Money

This podcast is similar to the book Freakonomics. It is about explaining the complex (and sometimes abstract) world of Economics, but doing it in a simple and accessible way. A very interesting one.

3.3.Stuff you should know

Josh and Chuck pick a topic each week, do in-depth research about it and then talk about their findings in a podcast. “How LSD works”, “How the Big Bang Works” or “How the Gender Pay Gap Works” are just a few examples of themes they cover. A fun, but at the same time interesting podcast.

4. Top 3 Portuguese podcasts I recommend.




4.1.Uma nêspera no cu

Pura estupidez num podcast semanal. O que é que queremos mais? Filipe Melo, Bruno Nogueira e Nuno Markl juntam-se para discutir dilemas fictícios num podcast cheio de humor. Outra vez, estupido? Sim. Divertido? Também.

4.2.Governo Sombra

Toda a gente conhece este programa semanal da TSF. Ricardo Araújo Pereira, Pedro Mexia e João Miguel Tavares comentam os temas mais falados da semana num programa repleto de ironia.

4.3.Bloco Central

Um dos meus podcasts portugueses preferidos. Pedro Adão e Silva e Pedro Marques Lopes fazem a analise politica da semana. Visões interessantes de duas pessoas que claramente percebem do assunto. Melhor que ler jornais durante a semana. O essencial da politica num programa semanal.

May 12, 2016
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